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For those who seek money, wealth and material things here is Feng Shui power beyond your imagination. Miraculous changes in your life could happen to you if :

first of all you need to build an Individual Feng shui map (how to do it - Luck with personal Feng Shui) and according to the map you will need to balance wealth area

In my e-book The treasury feng shui secrets of success and riches I write in detail what should you do to have non-stopping flow of money, auspicious prosperity and wealth. Wealth has many forms besides money. So think about what you want and place a symbol of that in this area. Because the wrong subject or color in this area of your home and/or business can lead to lack of money and opportunities.

Here some tips for wealth, prosperity and self worth (do not make hasty acts, subject of much study the secrets I reveal in my e- books: some people may make one, the others may not do the same):

  1. 1

    Chinese coins with a red ribbon

    Chinese coins with a red ribbon  Feng shui tips for Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth

  2. 2

    Three-legged frog with a coin in his mouth is for good fortune.

    Three-legged frog with a coin Feng shui tips for Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth

  3. 3

    Pictures of water flowing or active fountains

    fountain -Feng shui tips for Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth

  4. 4

    three plants together that have round leaves

  1. 5

    Best colors for wealth are gold, purple, red and green (according to Your individual feng shui map)

  2. 6

    Hang a round faceted clear crystal on a 18" red cord

    crystal on a 18" red cord -Feng shui tips for Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth

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