Teaching Your Children Feng Shui

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Feng shui is easily learned by individuals of all ages, including children. Children are perhaps the easiest to teach feng shui to as they easily absorb new ideas and techniques, unlike adults who analyze and consider each new idea for long periods of time. Children often learn through example better than through books or oral instruction. Teaching your children feng shui and its importance has never been easier.

Always Begin with the Basics

The basic feng shui system involves keeping belongings organized and put in their proper places. Teaching children to care for their personal belongings by providing them with adequate organizational items is the first step in the right direction. When the children know the proper place to put their items, it makes keeping them put away when not in use much simpler and less frustrating for them. Children who live in homes where the family areas and adult areas are kept clean and in order are far more likely to keep their own personal areas clean and in order as well.
Feng shui utilizes color, furniture placement, and objects to help the individual achieve the greatest sense of peace possible for each room in a home. Feng shui allows individuals to live more peacefully with each other. Children who are taught proper feng shui techniques will live healthier and happier lives and have less negative behaviors than children who are not taught. Children should also be taught the history of feng shui and how it has affected people for centuries. Allow children to think for themselves on what sort of feng shui they should utilize in their own personal lives and how they would like to utilize feng shui in their own homes when they grow up. By allowing children to begin to experiment, you give them the ability to learn feng shui basics using their own instincts.

Utilize Plenty of Object Lessons

Adults should always remember to think like a child when trying to teach children any given concept. When teaching children about feng shui keep the lessons simple and give plenty of examples. For instance, when teaching children about the feng shui color bagua, be certain to have objects of each color to give each child a visual example of the color being referenced. Many children need the visual correlation between what is being taught and what the actual object is as it makes it easier to understand.
Lessons on feng shui elements should also contain visual aids; however, when teaching about fire, it is best to only use photographs or drawings of a fire rather than a real fire.В  Be certain the child being taught fully understands each element and its relationship to the feng shui energy before beginning a new element. Be certain to also teach on the negative aspects of what contributes to feng shui energy how it relates to the child`s well-being. Since feng shui affects every aspect of the child`s life, be certain the child knows how each area of his or her life can be affected, such as education, health, and emotions.

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Teaching Your Children Feng Shui
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