Feng Shui Office Colors for Positive Chi

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Balance and harmony are just as important at work as they are at home, and more so if you go to work in order to create your income. After all, if your workplace is the best representation of your prosperity, wouldn`t you want to choose to maximize its potential? Office feng shui can best be accomplished by the use of colors, since the elements and the energy flow, or t`ai chi of the office can be most suitably established with color. This is usually the only way to introduce feng shui maximize positive chi, and minimize negative chi in a way that your boss will approve of, whether you have a real office or just a cubicle or desk from which to work.

Bright Colors

Shades: red, yellow, orange, bright purples

Bright of red and orange are all about energy, which translates into productivity (and therefore prosperity), so choosing those to represent the fire element is critical. Yellows are symbolic of power and control, and these are very helpful in a job situation, especially if you are a member of management, team leader, or just hope to be in control of your career. Purples represent creativity when you use bright shades, so adding these to your office can be a great idea if your job requires imagination on your part.

Neutral Shades

Shades: brown, white, pastels, etc.

Although most people think of neutrals as anti-colors, they are actually very effective ways of creating balance, which is a fundamental principle of feng shui For example, a neutral shade of brown represents career stability, critical during this crucial time of job upheaval and unemployment for so many people. Avoid shades of gray, as these are indicative of gloominess or depression.

Dark Tones

 Shades: blue, green, black, et cetera.

Use black sparingly, but be sure to incorporate it in the room as a symbol of power and financial success in your job. Greens offer peace to the office, but should be used sparingly to avoid a decrease in your productivity. After all, you cannot really rest or sleep at work, so steering clear of colors that are more serene will be the best way to achieve workplace success. Instead, add blue, which promotes calmness and stability.

Color Balance

 Make sure that you balance your color choices in your office or cubicle, adding some of each to promote overall balance and positive t`ai chi. When you choose something that is bright, add something darker or neutral for balance. Similarly, if you add an accessory that is soft, consider something hard to balance, and the same goes for rough versus smooth, and so on. Balance is the key when creating a feng shui office, and the best way to promote balance is by the use of color, texture, and shape.


To put things simply, using your baguas to create the best overall environment for your office is essential. Maximize the positive chi and minimize negative chi by using feng shui colors and office layout. Even if you are only working with a home office or cubicle, this can increase your productivity and profitability in the long run.

Senior staff writer Jessica Ackerman of WallDecorandHomeAccents.com, writes “How To” articles on decorating with tree wall art and wall decor.

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