Importance of Feng Shui Decor In Your Entryway

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The first impression that people have of your home comes from stepping into the entryway, especially that all-important first visit. Feng shui decor is all about balance and prosperity, with the utmost importance placed on yin and yang and chi. Your chi is your life force, so providing balance within your home, work, and personal life will help you in every aspect of life, from finances to love life and travel. For this reason, the importance of feng shui decor in your entryway cannot be overstated.

Typically, the entryway is divided into two distinct spaces: the front door and the entrance. Each has a unique job for providing positive energy for and from your home, so each should be designed to maximize that space`s potential. Without a few simple touches, you could be limiting your family`s prosperity and happiness, and you can improve the same with just a few simple steps. Here are some tips for improving feng shui in both aspects of your entryway:

The Front Door

The front door offers more than just curb appeal for your home, since it is one of the first things that a visitor or guest sees of your home and therefore has a lasting impression. Most feng shui designers decorate the front door in shades of red, either by painting the door red or framing it in red, so that positive energy, prosperity, and passion flow both ways through the front door with each time it is opened. That way, every time the door is opened, more positive energy flows in, and you release positive energy to the world.

The view from the front door is critical, and you want to avoid open doors leading to the bathroom or bedroom whenever possible. Shut these doors, or offer some sort of screen that blocks view of them if they have to be left open for some reason. Wall art, such as a great mirror or landscape print, work well to make the space feel open and spacious even if the entrance is small. Since scent also plays a role in the first impression, making sure that your home smells nice is also pivotal at the front door.

The Entrance

Your entryway is more than just the front door; it is also the few feet in front of the door that make up the entrance to your home. For some, this may be a foyer or entrance hall, while for others it may be as simple as a table to set your hat or lay your keys on. Whatever space you have set aside for your entryway, make sure that you use it to make people feel welcome and important in your home, regardless of whether your visitor is friend, family, work-related, or someone special to your family.

Experts recommend using light colored paint in the entrance area, so that the area feels open and inviting to guests. Mirrors and natural light make the entryway feel spacious and warm, so people will want to come inside. Maximize the space`s potential with fresh seasonal flowers in a vase, with a great mirror hanging above.

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Importance of Feng Shui Decor In Your Entryway
The first impression that people have of your home comes from stepping into the entryway, especially that all-important first visit.
Your main entrance door is the most important thing you should balance in the first place. Your main entrance to your home is the entrance for the energy and what kind of energy will come in your home
Mirror and entranceway- feng shui FAQ
The mirror has ability to enlarge and strengthen all the things which are reflected in it. If you have feng shui harmonized entrance door, the mirror will strengthen positive energy.
It is important that the flow of Chi from the front to the back of your home is not hindered. It is also best to have it flow through in a meandering path and not a direct line.
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