How Purple Affects Bedroom Feng Shui

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Feng shui centers on the ancient Chinese belief that everything in your life, both animate and inanimate, creates an energy field that controls your emotional well being. Feng shui works by creating a positive subconscious atmosphere in your home to feed your emotional level positive thoughts. Color strongly affects a room`s feng shui and it is important to learn how color affects a room. For example, according to feng shui, purple has a particular effect on the energy of the bedroom.

Feng Shui in the Bedroom

To create the most relaxing, sensual and private refuge, there are a series of things that should be done in order to achieve maximum results. The first step is to create a serene atmosphere using colors such as lavender, green, and cream. Pale lights, furniture that is comfortable, and wall decor that is calming helps to create positive energy in the bedroom. Too much blue, green or white will take away from the positive atmosphere in a feng shui bedroom.

How Purple Affects Bedroom Feng Shui

In a feng shui bedroom, the bed itself is the focal point of the room; a great way to maintain this focal point is by hanging only the most attractive wall decor you can find above the bed. Single objects in a bedroom give a feel of being solitary, whereas objects that are displayed in pairs give the feel of relationship and closeness, such as having a partner in the bedroom. You should be in a position of power in the feng shui bedroom, with the bed in a position where you can see both the door and the entire room, without being directly in front of the door.

The Meaning of Purple in Feng Shui

For feng shui purple can mean one of several things, but most meaning point to qualities that are related to royalty or nobility. Meanings such as "abundance", "dignity", and "mystical" lend positive and significant energy to the room. Some shades of purple, such as violet for example, symbolize fidelity. Purple also has some of the same meanings as the color blue, mostly due to the fact that it is one of the colors used to create the color purple. Blue lends meanings such as "wisdom" and "healing" to the feng shui interpretation of purple. The other color that lends meaning to purple is red. Red lends meanings such as "power" or "richness" to purple's strength.

How Purple Affects the Feng Shui in the Bedroom

Purple is a great color if you are looking to add a romantic feel to a feng shui bedroom. Lavender is an intimate and seductive color in feng shui due to its lighter color, but darker purples, such as eggplant, are used to create a feeling of mysticism or nobility.  While purple is a good color choice for the bedroom, you should be careful to avoid using it too much. Overuse creates a feeling of loneliness or foreboding, and can even be considered a mournful color. In history, purple was used only for those in positions of honor and power, such as kings and priests.

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How Purple Affects Bedroom Feng Shui
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