How Feng Shui Affects Your Career

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With hundreds of articles and books devoted to feng shui and the many ways it impacts your life, you should not be surprised to note how feng shui affects your career and much more. This also includes your relationships with people at work, from your boss to coworkers and employees. We normally focus on how to use feng shui in the office to make the environment better, but there are also many different ways that you can improve your career through feng shui career tips. For instance:

  • Earnings and Income Potential. Some of us earn by commission or odd jobs, and for these a three-legged toad is perfect. Make sure it is by the desk or placed diagonally from the entry door at the office or in your home’s foyer. I-Ching coins in strategic positions, such as your phone or wallet, are perfect for those who earn a living on the phone or through sales. Arowana fish are ideal for anyone in any job field who wants to earn more money, whether it is through higher commission, pay raise, or more work hours.
  • Relationships with Coworkers and Boss. An amethyst tree is considered a tremendous blessing for relationships at work, and a small one placed on your desk or as a print works great for improving these vital relations. A rooster symbol is perfect for prevent backstabbing, office gossip, and underhanded moves in the office among coworkers, and it should be kept near the desk. Experts recommend a six-rod wind chime made of metal to add peace and harmony at the workplace, especially around the boss.
  • How Feng Shui Affects Your Career
  • Promotion Opportunities. Although this symbol is also good for improving relationships with the boss and coworkers, a dragon tortoise should be behind the desk or near it to increase your likelihood of getting a coveted promotion. A Chinese unicorn has the same affect on your luck where promotions are concerned. The phoenix is beautiful, and it brings a lot of luck related to promotions and job advancement. The same can be said for a stylish metal vase with artificial white flowers, which adds to your career luck in general.
  • Creativity and Productivity. Chu Ke Liang is for anyone who writes for a living, such as authors or journalists, because it increases this type of creative energy and makes it easier to work without stress. It should always be in the northwest of the office or home office.

Do not underestimate the power of colors in your office, because they can skew the feng shui—or balance—so negatively that your entire career suffers because of it. Be very careful with shades like black and red without balance from opposing colors or the negative energy will bring too much chaos. Watch anything symbolic of fire without a lot of balance from water, but represent all five elements equally for best results. Use many of the same tips for your career that you utilize in your home when it comes to feng shui from adding symmetry to creating a peaceful space.

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How Feng Shui Affects Your Career
With hundreds of articles and books devoted to feng shui and the many ways it impacts your life, you should not be surprised to note how feng shui affects your career and much more.
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