Feng Shui to Help Autistic Children

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Feng shui is a useful tool for a parent with a child who suffers from autism; it is especially useful for families with more than one child on the autistic spectrum. Children with autism suffer from the emotional stress of everyday life that many individuals see as nonchalant. What many people view as normal and going about being unaffected by it, including simple things like the color of the paint, lighting choices, and what sort of artwork is hanging on the walls. Children with autism are affected by the energies put off by every little thing surrounding them, both positive and negative.

Feng Shui to Reduce Emotional Stress

Using feng shui in the bedroom of an autistic child can help the child reduce his or her emotional stress significantly. Feng shui helps to balance the positive and negative energies to aid the autistic child’s environment which in turn allows the child to remain in a positive emotional state, which can in turn reduce the number of aggressive outbursts greatly. Feng shui principles teach that in order to achieve this state of balance within a home, the home must be kept free from clutter and be well organized. Other factors that influence the energy within the home are the color of the walls, decor items, as well as what materials are used to manufacture the items in the room, such as wood, metal, or plastic.

How to Feng Shui a Child`s Bedroom

The first step to feng shui a child’s bedroom, including a child with autism, is to remove any form of wireless electronics from the bedroom, including baby monitors, in addition to all other electronics. Use only all natural wall papers or non-toxic paint for the walls. Smoke detectors should not be the sort that uses ionization. Bedding should also be made from natural substances and the mattress should not have springs. Water beds as well as metal frames should be avoided as well. Toys should be made from all natural substances as well and be kept well organized so that the child knows where his or her toys belong and where to find them.

The walls of a child`s bedroom should be painted in a color that improves the energy of the room and allows a child to be calm and relaxed. Children who are autistic tend to do better with colors that are light, such as pastel colors, while older children and teenagers, including those with autism, tend to do better with the deeper shades. The position of the bed also plays an important role in a feng shui bedroom. The bed should have a headboard that is built solidly and sturdy and should be placed both away from the door and away from the line of the door. The underside of the bed should be kept free of all objects to promote the flow of energy within the bedroom. Autistic children also benefit greatly from natural forms of light and air circulation, such as a good sized open window.

 Staff writer for WallDecorandHomeAccents.com, Jessica Ackerman has extensive design experience, using wood wall decor and metal wall art.

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