Headboards That Are Perfect for A Good Night`s Sleep

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How important is your bed`s headboard?  According to feng shui decorating experts, it is important to a good night`s sleep.  Not only does a solid headboard look great, but it also helps protect your chi, or flow of energy.  So how can you transform your current headboard into one that will help keep your chi intact and still look good?  There are some easy ways to do it, but in the end, you may choose to purchase one instead of making it.  Use the tips below to help you get started.

Headboard Makeover
If your headboard has seen better days, it is time to give it a makeover.  A solid headboard that has been passed down from generation to generation may have a lot of sentimental value, but if the varnish is peeling or the paint is chipping, it is best to reconsider keeping it in its original condition.  Instead, take it off of the bed frame and outside where you can lovingly sand and repaint it.  For a truly feng shui feel, paint the headboard a color that matches your pastel walls.  The soft flow of color in the room, from the walls to the bed, will keep the energy moving and make decorating easy.

Filling In a Headboard
If you have a headboard that is slatted or has metal bars as opposed to a solid headboard piece, you can opt to fill it in for a more feng shui appropriate style.  One way is to cut a piece of plywood to go in front of the headboard.  It should be the same size as the current piece and be able to be attached to the existing piece.  Next, cover the board with batting from the fabric store.  Stretch a soft, neutral colored piece of high-quality fabric over the batting and staple it to the back of the plywood.  For decorative detail, you can edge the headboard with a cord or ribbon.  This simple fix will block the open spaces in the existing headboard and provide you with a beautiful new look.

Headboards That Are Perfect for A Good Night`s Sleep

Time to Shop
If your existing headboard can just not be redone to match the feng shui style you are after, it is time to shop for a new piece.  Consider getting a solid headboard that is elegant, simplistic in design, and well-made.  A cheap, flimsy headboard may have you winding up with a worse night`s sleep than the one you currently have.  Splurge to get a headboard that will give you a sense of security and protection while you are asleep in bed.  That extra money will be well worth it when you discover that your sleep is greatly improved.

Finding or making the right headboard for your bed and bedroom may take some time.  Do not rush into a quick decision just to have a solid headboard, but instead, take the time to really choose one that will give you the look and feel you need.  With the right headboard, your nights will be better spent asleep.


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Headboards That Are Perfect for A Good Night`s Sleep
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