Feng Shui to Help an Infant Sleep

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Many new parents fail to realize the real reason for their infant`s sleeping problems. The biggest reason many infants have trouble sleeping peacefully throughout the night is not that the child is hungry or lonely but that the energy within the room is not conducive for the infant to relax and remain calm without the aid of either parent. Creating a peaceful, feng shui nursery for the infant is a must, unless sleep is not a concern and the parent is willing to go without sleep for years to come.

Feng Shui to Help an Infant Sleep Colors and Decor for a Feng Shui Nursery

Many new parents choose to paint their child`s new room in either shades of blue or shades of pink. However, parents should instead try and focus on colors that they themselves find comforting and soothing. Painting an infant`s bedroom in a color that is typically energetic can cause the infant to be unable to relax and rest. The color of the infant`s nursery should also match the elemental area of the home, such as, if the nursery is in the Fire area of the home, shades of red or pink are acceptable colors. If the paint color represents a destructive element to the elemental area of the home, it will cause negative energy and tension in a room.

Decor items should also contribute to the overall restful atmosphere of an infant`s nursery. Electrical appliances should be kept to the absolute necessities only so that the overall energy field of the nursery does not interfere with the infant`s sleeping. Items within the nursery should be made from natural materials, such as wood, and man-made materials, such as plastic, should be limited as much as possible.

Creating a Proper Feng Shui Energy

Many new parents choose a decor that has an energetic feel or that encourages aggressiveness, movement, or other "energy" inducing decors. A relaxing, positive feng shui energy idea for an infant`s nursery would be to use elements that correspond to the area of the house within the feng shui area. The proper area for children is located in the western portion of the home. The western area of the home is also used for creativity and entertainment. Placing an infant`s nursery in the western area of the home enables the child to grow in creativity while they physically grow.

Aromatherapy can also help soothe an infant to sleep. The source of the aromatherapy for infants should come from essential oils, aroma stones, or incense cone; other sources such as aroma candles and incense burners, are not safe to use around an infant as the infant can possibly knock them over and cause a fire. The scent of the aromatherapy should be appealing to your infant. Some scents that are good for infants are cedar, lavender, or pine. Cedar creates a comforting, safe energy while also balancing the energy in the room. Lavender and pine both create a calm energy. Lavender is a useful aroma when dealing with infants who are hard to calm or are having difficulty transitioning to life outside of the mother`s womb.

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Feng Shui to Help an Infant Sleep
Many new parents fail to realize the real reason for their infant`s sleeping problems. The biggest reason many infants have trouble sleeping peacefully throughout the night is not that the child is hungry
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