Feng shui Tips for your car

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car feng shui

Buying a car, use Feng shui to protect your car from accidents and thefts. People spend more time than we might realize in their cars. The car became for us the second home and like real house reflects their personality. Negative chi, accumulated in their car can harm significantly the health of the car owner. Remember the car is the sequential of the personality.

Feng shui Tips for your car

- The best feng shui tip for your car is its clearness. Keep your car clean as inside, and outside.

- Choose bringing success color for your car according to your individual feng shui chart (to know your lucky colors, learn my e-book Create your luck with personal feng shui)

- Choose a day of purchase that is positive for you according to Feng shui calendar

- If you have bought used car, ring with hand bells inside your car to pure the energy

- Time to time wipe the surfaces with salt water, it is considered the salt deletes negative energy. Scatter sea salt on the car floor carpets to absorb negative energy.

- Order number plates for your car only with lucky numbers for you (to know your lucky numbers, learn my e-book Create your luck with personal feng shui)

- Do not hang crystals or anything on your rear view mirror, it draws away the attention of the dragon from your protection, you can use the images of dragon hidden somewhere on the front panel

The Chairman of the Feng Shui Society Raymond Catchpole has taken four different types of vehicle and rated them in order of their feng shuiness. Here they are, in order, with a summary of the findings.

Lexus RX Series: An extremely purposeful vehicle. Its chi energy gives it the "wow" factor. Powered by the Fire element, the Lexus promises to go anywhere and through anything to deliver its driver safe an unruffled. The car is both family- and business-orientated and has the best possible quality of feng shiu to achieve this.

Volkswagen Passat: Quiet, restrained and in a state of perfect yin/yang balance. Ideal for non-sales related decisive managers who place great importance on family and friends.

Nissan Micra: A fun and possibly a little cheeky car in the right/wrong hands. A very yin motor. Ideally suited to a first-time female driver who wants an incident-free journey and an arrival that may well raise a few smiles.

Porsche Boxster: A feminine and unemotional car which uses the natural element of Water to help chi energy flow. An unaggressive vehicle, an ideal drive for a happy and single architect.

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