Feng shui symbols will help you harmonizing and balancing the elements in your house and improve your life quality. Feng shui symbols are an important feng shui tool which you should have into account at balancing and harmonizing your house.

Before balancing and harmonizing your house you need to build an Individual Feng shui map (how to do it Create your Luck with personal Feng Shui) and according to Your map to position the symbols of feng shui (in great detail they are described in my e-book The treasury feng shui secrets of success and riches).

The most important thing in ancient Chinese feng shui is symbolism, and then goes color and then the material of the subject. It is also important to note that these items do not necessarily have to look Asian or be certified feng shui appropriate in order to work. It cam be simple subject but you should associate it with the purpose you want. In feng shui symbols are used for a purpose: to meaningfully enhance the objective associated with the symbol.

Below are some symbol of Feng Shui that will generally provide you with good fortune and good luck

  1. 1

    - three good luck Chinese coins that are tied with a red ribbon

    Chinese coins feng shui symbols

  2. 2

    - three-legged toad is a symbol of fortune and wealth.

    three-Legged toad feng shui symbols

  3. 3

    - dragon turtle is suitable for making a business fruitful.

    dragon turtle feng shui symbols

  4. 4

    - golden cat for protection and abundance

    golden cat  feng shui symbols

  5. 5

    - golden pigs for happiness and prosperity to your home.

    golden pigs feng shui symbols

  6. 6

    - arrovana, Chinese fish for prosperity and good luck

    arrovana feng shui symbols

  7. 7

    - crystals, citrine crystals are the best type of crystal to use for attracting money

    citrine crystals feng shui symbols


Pictures and paintings can play very significant role in feng shui design of your premises. In the situation you can not change the color of the wall you may hang a picture or a painting of special color and shape to balance your room. There are 5 types (as there are 5 elements) feng shui paintings and pictures: water, metal, earth, wood and fire pictures and paintings.

Articles related to Feng shui symbols

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Traditional mean of symbols in feng shui doctrine
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