Personal Feng Shui is a feng shui knowledge that balance your inner energy and provide you information, how to balance outer energy according to your individual feng shui map and imperial sizes.

In our century of electronics and computer progress all magic and inexplicable Feng-Shui secrets have found quite scientific explanation. The mechanism of phenomenal results of Feng-Shui eventually comes to the skill to achieve harmony between a personal aura of the person and the electromagnetic field of the Earth. It allows to think better, to work more, be healthy and as a result to reach the top.

I propose you ancient Chinese doctrine that helps you to construct your individual feng shui map and harmonize personal energy.

Create Your Luck with Personal Feng Shui

Feng shui secrets

This book is the most useful book, that you can ever find. It contains secrets of numbers, which will help you to realize your desires. These doctrine provides information:
- individual geographical directions promoting success, riches and health;
- information, that is necessary for construction of your Individual Feng Shui map;
- the colors of clothes influencing on destiny, financial Prosperity, personal Happiness and Health (calculated depending on year of birth);
- secret of the imperial sizes forming full breakdown or safe prosperity. This is special secret which is capable to bring to you success in money, straight away six kinds of success and rich happiness of emperors of ancient China;
- Feng-Shui calendar specifying the days marked by Earth success depending on your element for the period from 2008 till 2010

The Feng-Shui allowed emperors of ancient China to hold power in their hands, to increase the riches, to reach success in realization of their desires. This feng Shui doctrine will help you to construct your personal feng shui and improve your life. This book waits when you allow to make you happy. Now Feng Shui promotes growth of personal well-being of people all over the world especially in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan. You can become one of those whom the destiny smiles.


Chapter 1.

"Personal Feng-Shui magic of emperors of ancient China "
Your life will be richer and happier, because Success has arrived at last

Chapter 2.
" Individual geographical directions promoting success, riches, health and meditation " in dependence on the birth year
- man
- woman

Chapter 3
" The colors of clothes influencing on destiny in dependence on the birth year of each person " 

Chapter 4
" Secret of the imperial sizes forming full crash or safe prosperity "

The first imperial size shares on four parts.

1 part - Brings success in money.

2 part - Brings " the safety filled with jewelry ".

3 part - Brings " six kinds of Success ".

4 part - Brings " rich happiness ".

The second imperial size shares on four parts too.

1 part - Brings monetary losses.

2 part - Brings problems with the law and authorities.

3 part - Threatens with imprisonment.

4 part - Specifies death of the spouse.

The third imperial size includes four parts.

1 part - Is " a receptacle of failures ".

2 part - Brings loss or money seizure.

3 part - Promotes a meeting with unscrupulous people which deceive you.

4 part - Promotes that " everything will be lost or stolen ".

The fourth imperial size consists of four parts.

1 part - Designates good children.

2 part - Brings the additional income from unexpected sources.

3 part - Means very successful son.

4 part - Brings " very good Success ".

 The fifth imperial size includes four parts.

1 part - Allows to pass examinations easily and successfully.

2 part - Brings Success in gambling, lotteries and in intermediary transactions.

3 part - Brings " the improved income ".

4 part - Brings " prosperity, authority and high honors for family ".

The sixth imperial size shares on four parts.

1 part - Brings death and separation.

2 part - Brings deprivation of means of subsistence.

3 part - Specifies, that the person can be expelled with a shame from a society surrounding him.

4 part - Brings the heaviest loss of money.

 The seventh imperial size includes four parts too.

1 part - Means " disasters come nearer ".

2 part - Brings death.

3 part - Brings illness and bad health.

4 part - Brings scandals and quarrels.

The eighth imperial size consists of four parts.

1 part - Brings the big inflow of money.

2 part - Brings Success at examinations.

3 part - Foretells " many jewelry, treasures and jewels ".

4 part - Brings " rich prosperity and happiness ".

Chapter 5

FENG SHUI CALENDAR to attract luck, success and happiness.

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