Interior Feng Shui contains knowledge how to balance energies of your lodging. Every room has peculiarities in balancing of energies, so read the doctrine carefully. You should know your individual feng shui map to harmonize energies of your lodging correctly.

Individual feng shui map - consultation you can order in the section Individual feng shui or create it on your own with the help of book "Create Your Luck with Personal Feng Shui".

In the proposed feng shui doctrine you`ll find the information about creating correct interior feng shui

The Treasury Feng Shui Secrets of Success and Riches

Feng shui secrets

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This book is an illustrated Feng Shui doctrine, that provides you information about U-SIN system of five elements (the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water). This ancient knowledge helped successful people during all centuries and actual nowadays as never before. We live in the most suppressing surroundings and Feng Shui can harmonize and enhance our energy, fill our life with happiness, health, great career, healthy and clever children, prosperity and love.

Feng Shui is capable to create favorable events, determining the destiny. From the first minutes, as soon as you built Feng Shui in conformity with individual  Feng Shui map, you start to feel comfortably, because you have created the new world not subjected to influences of other people. The power of Feng Shui framework constructed in conformity with date of a birth of the person, collects from splinters of a human life a life which goes right.

Every person can confirm, that conditions around him can course unusual rise or the full contrast of this rise. The dream are inaccessible to the person in strained uncomfortable condition, and when he is vigorous and filled by forces when his mind is clear, he transforms himself magically and transforms the world around him, constantly granting of the desires.

Feng Shui is built according to your date of a birth, helps you to keep harmony in relations, once again to go through a magnificent supper with the candles, passing in exciting night; to be given a temptation of possession of full financial well-being and together with loving person to pleasure all material benefits. What is necessary for it? It is necessary to construct the individual Feng Shui map and according to it to place subjects, which are called enhancers, in the rooms and premises. In this book you will find the answer to a question " How to construct your individual Feng Shui map and what are the magic enhancers".

Knowing the secret of how to construct your individual Feng Shui map and  the secret of arrangement of special enhancers, you can live and enjoy a life, you can go to the purpose easily. In order the life turns to the person only with positive side, it is necessary to determine your personal positive and negative sectors in your individual Feng Shui map. Negative sectors needed to be  suppressed, so that in your life there was nothing negative, and positive sectors it is necessary to make active, that you and your life loved each other. This is a big secret and simultaneously simple secret. To take advantage of it, You need to construct the individual Feng Shui map for the beginning. How to make it is written in detail in this electronic book

"The Treasury Feng Shui Secrets of Success and Riches"


  1. The general data of U-SIN system
  2. LO-SHU Square and its connection with U-SIN system
  3. The transformation of LO-SHU square into a system of sectors
  4. Properties of nine sectors
  5. Definition of sectors in rooms
  6. Individual Feng-Shui map
  7. How to make active positive sectors
  8. How to suppress negative sectors
  9. Enhancers of Tree element
  10. Enhancers of Fire element
  11. Enhancers of Earth element
  12. Enhancers of Metal element
  13. Enhancers of Water element
  14. Special enhancers for money success
  15. Special enhancers for success in love
  16. Special enhancers for success in study
  17. Special enhancers for success in career
  18. Magic of mirrors
  19. Secret of numbers
  20. Wonder-working wind chimes
  21. Monetary tubules wakening riches
  22. The entrance door makes success active
  23. Features of success in a bedroom
  24. Features of success in the kitchen
  25. Features of success in a toilet and in a bath
  26. Frequently asked questions

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