Feng Shui for the Guest Bedroom

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Most of the rooms in our home are easy to design using the ancient Chinese feng shui style, but sometimes the guest bedroom gets overlooked as one of those spaces that we forget about. We design the spaces that we live in, and the guest bedroom may not be used as often as the rest of the house, so it gets left for last, and then forgotten as life moves on to the next project for the homeowner. In fact, feng shui for the guest bedroom is more important than you might think, since it effects how people feel about your home and your family after an overnight visit or extended stay in your home.

Follow the rules for other bedrooms, such as the master bedroom, and you will achieve balance in the guest bedroom. The bed should always be the focal point in the bedroom, even if it is a guest bedroom, so follow the rules that apply to the bed. Keep the bed away from the direct line between the window and the door as much as possible, especially avoiding placing the bed in the line vertically. Sometimes you cannot avoid the bed being placed in this line somewhat, but do your best to avoid the path of energy because it disrupts the guest`s sleep.

Balance the room with the right symmetry. Add accessories, colors, and accents that give the room a sense of balance so that you create a more relaxing environment for your guests to sleep in. Even numbered groups or pairs of two items are the best way to bring balance back to a small, oddly-shaped guest bedroom. A pair of items hung on either side of the headboard will add balance to the focal point in the bedroom, and you can do the same throughout the room. When the room feels balanced, it is more relaxing for your family`s guests.

Keep the personal touches to a minimum. It may sounds welcoming to have creative, personal touches in every room of the house, but this should not include the guest bedroom. Guests are actually more comfortable in a room that is not filled with family photographs or collectibles. Instead, decorate using abstract shapes, soothing colors, landscapes, and peaceful paintings so that the bedroom achieves the main goal of a guest bedroom by lulling guests to sleep.

Feng Shui for the Guest Bedroom

The room does not have to be memorable to be relaxing. You want your home to be memorable in a positive way, but this does not mean that guests have to be able to recall every aspect of the room. What they should remember most is that they slept very well in that room, and that they had a great time with your family whether they are also part of the family or family friends. Comfortable and practical furniture, peaceful decor, and feng shui tips are all that you need in order to finish a guest bedroom that is comfortable for anyone, of any age, any night of the week.


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Feng Shui for the Guest Bedroom
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