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Feng shui bathroom

Bathroom is a room to which people tend not to pay attention when it comes to feng shui but it actually is a very important space which has big influence on the rest of the house and the harmony within it. The bathroom is connected with prosperity and energy very close

Here are some tips to prevent flowing out energy and prosperity from your house:

- bathrooms should be hidden as much as possible. Place a full-length mirror on the bathroom door to give the illusion that the bathroom is not there.

- bathroom doors should be closed as much as possible and the toilet seats down, because that minimizes the energy loss.

- tie a red ribbon or use red tape around outgoing pipes. This will help keep the energy from flowing out.

- everything should be in good working order and clean to promote good feng shui. Filth or broken items in the bathroom will accentuate negative energy

- it is very important that your bathroom is not located right above the main house door or its wall

- it is also important that the toilet and the bathtub have some space between them or that would not allow chi to flow as it should.

There are also some feng shui bathroom tips related to the colors. This tips are very important because of this depends all your energy, luck and prosperity. This secret use of colors in bathroom you may know from my e-book The Treasury Feng Shui secrets of Success and Riches. This house area is very important do not underestimate it.


Pictures and paintings can play very significant role in feng shui design of your premises. In the situation you can not change the color of the wall you may hang a picture or a painting of special color and shape to balance your room. There are 5 types (as there are 5 elements) feng shui paintings and pictures: water, metal, earth, wood and fire pictures and paintings.

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