Feng Shui Affects Babies Too!

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This is not one of those articles about feng shui and sex, although feng shui does affect fertility in many different ways. It is not about feng shui and pregnancy either, although peace and balance can make the pregnancy easier for both mother and baby. Nursery tips abound, but it is important to understand exactly why you are attempting to balance this special space. This article focuses on how feng shui affects babies too, and how improving feng shui for babies can lead to better and deeper sleep, peaceful personalities, and improved development.

Utilize Feng Shui Tips for the Baby`s Room

Feng Shui Affects Babies Too!

We make sure that the home is balanced with proper feng shui and the baby`s nursery should be no exception. Use the same techniques that you would use in the other rooms of the home to bring positive chi into the baby`s room, avoiding overuse of colors like red, yellow, and orange that can add too much energy to the space. Overwhelming energy in the nursery leads to colic, fussiness, gassiness, and other problems for your little one and a lack of sleep for parents.

Calm, soothing shades and soft, peaceful music are very important, and so is soft lighting in the nursery. A neutral color palette is best for your little one, but you can add some color and energy through framed family portraits to inspire the baby and remind him or her of the love surrounding the space. Natural lighting and organization are also really important, as they are a positive influence and encourage positive chi. Never let there be a lot of sharp, pointed objects in the nursery, especially near where baby sleeps, or it will ruin the flow of energy and keep baby from resting.

Geopathic Structures

The feng shui experts say that the reason that many babies do not sleep well is not due to gas or any physical problem; it is due to geopathic structures that keep them from being able to relax and fall asleep properly. Once this is fixed, you may quickly begin to see your little one sleeping all night and staying in bed without crying. Sometimes the geopathic structure cannot be modified, such as due to the shape of the room, furniture placement issues, or the geographic direction of the bedroom. When these things cannot be changed, there are products called home harmonizers that can fix the issue and add peace and harmony to the area again.

There may not be an immediate improvement when you attempt to fix the baby`s feng shui in the nursery, but babies recover faster than most adults and you should begin to see a difference within a couple of days. As you change things around in the nursery, baby will probably sleep in a different room, and you may see a change really quickly when your baby sleeps in a balanced space like your bedroom. Going to another home where things are out of balance, such as grandparents` home, can also lead to sleep issues or fussiness, so be prepared to adjust while on vacation or away from home.

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Feng Shui Affects Babies Too!
This is not one of those articles about feng shui and sex, although feng shui does affect fertility in many different ways. It is not about feng shui and pregnancy either
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