Encouraging Feng Shui in Your Office Place

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As any corporate worker knows, there is more emphasis placed on productivity than on creating a feeling of balance and contentment in the workspace.  While this may be understandable to some degree, there is the very real truth that a worker who feels more comfortable in his or her work environment is more productive than one who does not.  You may not have the power to change all of the elements of your office`s interior, but the ideas below may help you create a space that feels better for you and, thus, makes you more productive at work.


Most offices have large, overhead florescent lights that not only make you look bad, but make you feel bad too.  Without a softer, more gentle light in your workspace, your productivity will suffer.  To combat the glaring florescent lights, have a small lamp in the south corner of your space with a 60-watt light bulb.  This gentle light will cast a warm glow on your space and instantly make you feel more comfortable when working.

Desk Position

If you have the ability to move your desk around in your office or cubicle, consider repositioning it so that your back is not to the entrance of your space.  If possible, position the desk to the side so that you are not directly facing the door or entry point, but your body is off the side.  Encourage your employer to allow you to reposition your workstation so that you can be the most productive.

In Good Shape

It is important that all equipment and furniture in the office remain in good, working order.  If something breaks, fix it or have it fixed as soon as possible.  A workspace and office that are fully functioning are not only good for productivity, but they are also good for morale.  Employees feel much better about coming to work at a place where the equipment and furnishings are maintained and well-kept.

Red Inspiration

Red is a popular feng shui color and should be used in the office or workspace.  When placed in the south corner of the space, it encourages productivity and success.  Keep a decorative red vase or candle in the south corner of your cubicle or desk to help the flow of energy.  Even a fresh, healthy bouquet of red roses or other flowers in the workspace will change the energy of the space to a much more productive one.

Open the Doors

It is essential that all of the doors in your office open fully.  While you may, with good reason, want the doors closed at times, none should be hindered by items placed behind them.  Be aware of people storing boxes of copy paper or other items behind the doors and move the obstacles out of the way as soon as possible.

Encouraging good feng shui in your workplace helps not only you, but your co-workers and employer, as well.  They may never have thought about colors and the positioning of workspaces, but with a bit of encouragement you can help them see the importance and impact of such changes.  Before long, your company`s employees will be more productive and your work environment will be much more pleasant.

 Alyssa Davis is the top writer and creative design specialist for Metal-Wall-Art.com. She specializes in designing with decorative large wall cross and sun metal wall sculptures.

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