Decorating With Metal in the Bathroom

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In Feng shui, it is a common belief that metal and water do not mix, and this is true in a lot of cases throughout your home. However, most of us are well aware of the many ways that decorating with metal in the bathroom is possible, from the everyday uses of metal to the unique methods of adding this essential element. Since the bathroom and kitchen are two of the highest-trafficked rooms in the house, it is even more important to represent each Feng shui element sufficiently and adequately, so that you are not lacking in any fundamental aspect of your work or personal life.

Bathroom Fixtures

Decorating With Metal in the Bathroom

 The fixtures in the bathroom are probably the most common representation of metal in the bathroom or kitchen, since everyone has heard of, seen, or owned metal fixtures of some sort at one time. Metal bathroom fixtures are a great idea for representing metal in a master or guest bathroom, and these simple methods are ideal if you want to decorate using the feng shui decorating style without cluttering the bathroom. Since the bathroom often has the fewest number of accessories, this is an example of one way that you can represent something essential without overwhelming the room.

Bathroom fixtures may be made out of a few different types of metal, but they come in dozens of shapes, sizes, and decor options. Choose from classic metal fixtures with traditional looks for a rarely used bathroom or one designed for the children, or a more modern look for a contemporary bathroom design style. Once the metal is represented adequately, you can move on to other elements and focus on other aspects of the feng shui style. Since the average bathroom fixture is made from, coated with, or lined with some sort of metal, it does not take much to represent metal beautifully even if you cannot see it right away.

Metal Accessories

 Aside from bathroom fixtures, there are other ways to represent the metal element in the bathroom as well. For instance, a metal tray to display a collection of scented candles next to the bathtub looks beautiful and modern, and the scent adds the perfect ambience for a relaxing bubble bath after a hard day of work. A wicker laundry hamper with metal accents at the top and bottom is a classic look, but the metal bands add the right element to make this a contemporary addition instead of something merely functional.

There are many other great metal accessories for the bathroom, from toothbrush holders in chrome or brushed nickel towel racks to steel soap dishes. All of the bathroom accessories that most people choose are available in some sort of metal design, depending on where you look, what brand name you are looking for, and what you can afford to spend on bathroom decor, to name a few factors. Chrome, steel, brushed nickel, hammered metals, amalgamations, and other metal options are available at a wide variety of price tags and styles for both master and guest bathrooms.

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Decorating With Metal in the Bathroom
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