Creating Positive Energy in the Playroom

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When many people think about feng shui they often do not consider how it can be used in areas of the home that are designed for family and children use.  Feng shui has an aura of being an "adult only" subject that is reserved for making the grown-up aspects of the house feel more comfortable. While feng shui can indeed do that, it is also important to think about how positive energy can impact the entire family.  One of the most important places in the house to have a good, positive flow of energy is in the children`s playroom. 

Creating Positive Energy in the Playroom

Why the Playroom

As any parent knows, the playroom can be referred to by many other names and none of which are complementary.  The "messy room", the "disaster area," and others are frequently used to describe the room that is ruled by chaos.  Unfortunately, when chaos rules in an area that is supposed to be happy and uplifting, energy problems arise that need to be fixed.  If your playroom is turning into more of a war zone when your children (or you) enter it, it is time to seriously consider some very basic feng shui principles.

Goodbye Clutter

Clutter is the number one killer of positive energy and the playroom is a magnet for messes.  When trying to clean up the space, begin by sorting everything in the room.  Be ruthless and, if possible, sort and purge items when your children are not in the space.  If you know that they have not played with the broken remote control car for years, throw it away before they get home.  By taking the broken pieces, missing parts, and trash out of the space, you can focus on the things that have potential value.  You may want to sort further and have three piles - keep, donate, and sell.  Be sure that the keep pile is the smallest of the three.  If you end up with too many things in the keep pile, you may want to ask your children to help you sort further and get rid of the items in the keep bin that they no longer want.  The simple act of clearing away the clutter will instantly add a positive flow of energy in the space and make the playroom more welcoming.

In Its Place

Another aspect of feng shui is to have everything in its place.  After you have gotten rid of the toys that are no longer played with and the broken pieces, organize the things that are left.  Use bins and shelves that are easily accessible for the children to organize their toys.  Label everything clearly and avoid using dark, depressing colors in the space.  By the same token, avoid going overboard on mixing colors, as they create a cacophony of visual noise.  When everything is in its place, you will find that the playroom is anything but a war zone.

By employing a very basic, yet critical element of feng shui in the playroom, you can guarantee that your children will play more harmoniously and feel better in the space.  Remember, too, that less clutter makes the room easier to clean and keep tidy.  Feng shui is no longer just for the living room!

Alyssa Davis is a home style expert who writes regularly for She is especially knowledgeable on decorating with decorative metal wall cross and deer and elk metal wall art.

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Creating Positive Energy in the Playroom
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