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Make Your Dreams Come True with meditation

Chapter 1 - Concentration

Concentration is the first step in the Meditation, allowing to touch the eternity.

The first step of the Meditation, allowing to touch the eternity.

Take a sheet of a white paper, draw on it a black point in diameter about a nail of your little finger, and attach it on a wall and step aside on the distance of 2- 3 yards .

Sit comfortably on this distance on a chair or in an armchair to keep your eyes glued on look at this point, trying not to blink.

The first day look one minute, the second - two, the third - three and so on till thirtieth day. 

In the course of time, you can look at this point, not blinking, 30 minutes. If you blink, never mind. During the second month, look at this point for 30 minutes. In the second month, it is possible to look two times a day for 30 minutes. Your sensations will prompt you when it is necessary to start to look 2 times a day because you will have craving for this exercise.

Usually on the second month of practicing in concentration notices, that you are floating, but you can't understand where and in what. It is an energy stream of the parallel world, which engulfs a part of our consciousness and rock to sleep on its waves.

From the first day and this wonderful moment, you should observe the ideas coming to you as though. Observing for ideas you will see, that they come from outside and are not yours.

Due to this understanding you will reach first the silence, and then and jiggle effect in open spaces of the fourth dimension where, after Trance, will open the meditative turning tunnel through which you will get in delightful meditation.

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