The Perfect Feng Shui Colors for Your Bathroom

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Most homeowners think little of their bathrooms.  They are simply a room in the house that needs to be cleaned a bit more vigilantly than others, but not much thought is given beyond that.  According to feng shui principles, the bathroom can be, quite literally, a drain on both energy and financial resources.  This should have homeowners paying a bit more attention to their bathrooms and looking for ways to spruce up the space.  Color is one of the easiest ways to transform the bathroom and the colors below are perfect alone, or in combination, for helping you achieve the look and feel that you want.

The Perfect Feng Shui Colors for Your Bathroom

Light Grey
Light grey is a soothing, calming color that is perfect for bathroom design.  Instead of thinking of a cold metallic grey, think instead of a soft dove grey for your bathroom walls.  This color will help balance energy and evoke a sense of calm.  Paint the walls a soothing light grey, paying particular attention to the edging and trim to make sure that your lines are straight and there are not stray paint markings.  The neater and cleaner the paint job, the more relaxing the room will feel.  You can also add in grey to the towels in the bathroom.  Big, fluffy light grey towels can be a calming influence on your senses when you see them, as well as when you use them after a bath or shower.  Since grey is a universal color, it is perfect for both a masculine bathroom, as well as a feminine one.

Pale Blues
When you think of pale blue, imagine the ocean and the calming influence it has on you.  The perfect pale blue for your bathroom is going to be one that evokes that sense of calm and peace.  For some, the blue may have a cooler undertone, while for others the blue may have a slightly warmer undertone.  Include the same shade in your shower curtain, bath mat, towels, and window coverings to create a quiet retreat in the middle of daily chaos.

There is a never ending row of shades of cream when you go to a paint store.  Picking the right one for your bathroom is the challenge.  Opt for a cream that looks warm and inviting.  Avoid those that look dull and dingy or your bathroom will have a very uninviting, negative feel to it.  If you are not sure which one looks more welcoming, ask the paint clerk which he would recommend.  Usually, those with a trained eye in paint will gravitate toward the warm, soothing shades.  Cream walls can be accented with cream accessories or you can just as easily tie in some of the pale blues and greys mentioned above.

 In combination, all three shades are perfect for any feng shui bathroom.

Do not run the risk of having your energy and financial resources be zapped by your bathroom`s decor.  Instead, take the time to decorate the space properly and ensure that the colors are feng shui oriented.  You may be surprised at how quickly your energy is restored, and, perhaps, your finances too.

Jessica Ackerman from generously shares everything she knows about wooden wall artwork and large abstract wall art.


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