Clearing Clutter to Improve Your Mood

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Feng shui is all about flow and balance.  If your home is cluttered, that flow and balance is hampered and the feel of your home is less peaceful than you may desire.  In fact, the more cluttered your home, the more stressed you may feel.  Instead of looking at de-cluttering your home as a chore to be dreaded, look at it as an opportunity to bring peace and tranquility into your space.  The tips and tricks below can help get you started.

Start Small
If the thought of tackling that crowded living room is more than you can handle, start small.  Start with the cluttered, disorganized drawer in the side table next to the sofa instead of the entire room.  Even the simplest acts of cleaning and organizing can make a huge difference in how you feel about the space.  Clutter eats away at the sense of peace and tranquility that can exist in the house, as it is a constant reminder of disorganization in life.  Start small and then move on to bigger projects.

A Little At a Time
Another step to clearing out the clutter and making your house more feng shui oriented is to clean a little at a time.  Instead of tacking the entire room, start by spending five minutes each day picking up pieces, putting things away, and getting rid of trash.  Make it a goal to get rid of one item each day, whether it is a broken piece that belongs in the garbage or a piece that can be donated to charity.  By taking just a little bit of time each day, by the end of a month, your home will be significantly less cluttered and you will be excited to see what else you can clear out.

Closet Clutter
Another culprit of non feng shui living is having cluttered closets.  Clothing closets are usually the biggest culprits, because many people have trouble getting rid of old pieces of clothing.  When you have less cluttered clothing closets, it takes a lot of the stress of trying to find what to wear out of the morning routine.  Start by going through every piece of clothing and determining if it is a piece that has been worn within the last year or will be worn in the very near future.  If it has not been worn within the last year, donate it to charity.  Not only will donating pieces that you do not wear help de-clutter your closet, it will also be, in many cases, a tax deduction depending on which charity you donate to.  Your clothing that is no longer being worn, can be a treasure for someone else.

Feng shui is not as much about drastic, quick changes, as it is about feeling comfortable in your own home.  The best way to do that is to have enough space in your home to live and move around comfortably.  Do not get discouraged if the task of de-cluttering seems overwhelming.  Instead, look forward to making small changes and eliminating the clutter gradually.  Over time, your home will be the stress-free, feng shui decorated space you desire.


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Clearing Clutter to Improve Your Mood
Feng shui is all about flow and balance. If your home is cluttered, that flow and balance is hampered and the feel of your home is less peaceful than you may desire.
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