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One of the most pleasant things can happen with a person is moving new house. You have some difficulties in choosing the right house? Although there are some rules in transferring to a new house, you should first of all  choose the house to transfer in. Many people are more and more conscious about the positive effects of Feng Shui in their lives.

So answer the questions below they will help you choosing.

Question #1. What is your first impression of the house?

It should be welcoming, there should not be plants or trees blocking the door or the path to the house, there should not be cracked or broken basement or walls.

Question # 2 What is the story of this house?

Ask the Real Estate agent or the neighbors and find out what happened to the family living in the house that you are interested in. If the family moved because of any problems (illnesses, money, accidents etc) this is not good chose. The moved family should be happy and surrounding houses also should be inhabited with happy people. This is good feng shui

Question # 3.  Where does the house situate?

The ideal location for a home is gently meandering street. The Cul-de-sac position has stagnant Chi this means that you will always encounter the same problem. Straight streets (if they do not have any traffic humps) have fast Sha Chi flowing and your life can become an uncontrollable whirlwind.

Question # 4.  What do you see when looking out from the main door?

Anything that you feel is threatening to your entry is called in Feng Shui a Sha or `Poison Arrow`(power boxes, antenna, tree or lamp pole neighbour roof corner, cactus, rose bushes. Before your main door should be small open area.



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One of the most pleasant things can happen with a person is moving new house. You have some difficulties in choosing the right house? Although there are some rules in transferring to a new house,
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The Feng Shui principle of poison arrows is they are Shar Chi known as Killing Breath. The killing breath does just that, it destroys the chi in its path and is detrimental to the residents of the home.
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Transferring to a new house is a very important step that can change your life totally. So be careful, check the feng shui calendar, if the day of transferring is good for you
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