Blending Homes - Feng Shui Tips for Creating Harmony

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After many years, you have found the man or woman of your dreams and cannot wait to start a life with them.   Your relationship grows and before you know it, you are talking about moving in together and moving to the next step.   While that is all well and good, without some proper planning, your new arrangement may end up in discord instead of harmony.   Use the feng shui tips below to help nurture that spirit of love that you want to hold onto.

Blending Homes - Feng Shui Tips for Creating Harmony

Where to Live

A young couple who is moving right from their parents’ home into a place of their own has an advantage over those who are already established in their own places.   This is because the decision about where to live includes a fresh, new space for them both.   For the couple who has already established homes on their own, it is important to seriously think about which space, if either, will work best for their life as a couple.   Consider both locations and the surroundings.   A home that is near a busy intersection, off of a highly trafficked street, or that is in an unsafe neighborhood should probably be passed up for the other locale.   Being in a safe, secure area will bring more contentment and peace of mind than being in an unsafe space.

What to Pack

For the person who is moving into the other’s established home, it is important to pair down the amount of belongings that are going into the home.   Get rid of excess clutter and collections to make room for the new life you will be building with your partner.   Remember that everything that you bring into the home will also carry with it energy.   Do you really want old photos and mementos from an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend in the new space you will be creating together?   Probably not, so it is best to get rid of those items before even bringing them into the house.

What to Clear Out

The existing homeowner who is inviting his or her partner into the existing home must also face some tough belonging decision choices.   The clutter and excess pieces of furniture must go to charity or be sold in a yard sale.   It is important to make plenty of room for the new person in the household, as it shows that you are willing to let them in to every aspect of your life.   Be prepared to make compromises about what stays and what goes, as it will, ultimately, lead to a more relaxed feel in the home.  

Clutter and discord are two of the biggest deterrents to a home with good feng shui   Take the time to work together and evaluate each piece that will remain or come into the home and life that is being built together.   Leave reminders of past relationships out of your new space and begin adding things that the two of you collect together.   By working with one another, you can ensure that your life together starts off on the right foot and with the best energy possible.  

Blending Homes - Feng Shui Tips for Creating Harmony

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Blending Homes - Feng Shui Tips for Creating Harmony
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Feng shui definition or meaning
Feng shui is spelled like [fuhng shwey], where the feng means wind and shui means water. Feng Shui is purposed to bring balance or to harmonize your place of living or work. This ancient Chinese art of placement (arranging and orientation) of surrounding objects and real position toward the immovable objects of your surroundings, choosing the best geographical direction for your work, sleep and vital activity.
Feng shui Schools / Feng shui Approaches
Chinese culture and history gave the birth to many philosophy and practical feng shui schools. Some of them belong to Dao tradition, the other – to Buddhist. Some specialists create their own schools and methods, the example is the school of Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui, which performs the combination of practical and intellectual doctrines. The school Dzen-feng shui or new-age – feng shui is developing, but this is not the classical feng shui.
Famous  feng shuiВ  building and a fountain
7 Star hotel – Burj Al Arab, built on its own island in the shape of a sail from a luxury yacht. An interesting example of wind and water!
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To bring well being and prosperity into our lives, we have to create harmonious spaces. To create this balance we need an understanding of the flow energy itself, Ch’i or Qi. The flow of qi is like a river. Water invigorates and water calms a person. Standing and watching the flow of water brings immense enjoyment to the onlooker.
Nine sectors are formed by connection of the central square 5 with squares 1, 3, 7 and 9, and connected with geographical directions and elements of U-SIN system. Sector 3 situates in East, has size of 30 degrees and is connected with Wood element.Sector 3 is connected with health, with success of descendants, happiness of children, with a long life and with the senior son. This sector possesses the ability to multiply everything, because a tree has the quality to grow.
Do not live near a church, hospital, graveyard, funeral home, school, brothel, dump sites or near government offices. These places are filled with yin energy. The size of your house should not be irregular (i.e. pie shape).Do not live in units directly over a garage (i.e. second floor units)...
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