Best Accessories for Dining Room Feng Shui

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The dining room is the space that sees a great deal of traffic in your home, often filled with people at least three times per day on an average day. For homeschoolers or families with small children there may be projects going on at any time of day, so feng shui is especially important in this high traffic space. Accessories are the perfect way to achieve the most positive feng shui in the dining area, so you should be aware of the best accessories for dining room feng shui

A Focus on Food

Best Accessories for Dining Room Feng Shui

Since the goal of the dining room is for the family to eat, the best accessories are often food-oriented as well. You can represent food directly or indirectly, depending on the style and decor that you want for the rest of the room. Below are some examples for using food directly and indirectly:

Direct use of food is exactly what it sounds like. For instance, a bowl of glitter-coated faux apples makes a great centerpiece on the dining room table, and it can easily be paired with another accessory that smells like apple. A print of a loaded cornucopia is another example of a direct use of food in the dining room, and it makes a great accessory choice, especially during the late summer and early fall. Crystal pieces shaped like fruits, vegetables, or other foods also make great centerpiece additions and are direct food representations.

Indirect use of food is something that smells or is shaped like a food, but is not one per se. An example of this type of accessory could be a candle that smells like apple pie or banana bread, filling the room with the scent of food and inspiring the appetite. Prints with abstract shapes in colors that remind you of a certain food, such as candy apple red, are another great example. Air fresheners that smell like food, such as a tropical concoction, are popular uses of indirect food representations too.

Adding to the Thought

You probably do not intend to decorate the entire dining room with food, although food should be the room`s focal point. Build on the food-oriented decor with the right complementary accents, such as colors and shapes that build depth in the dining room. Neutral shades are always a good choice when you do not want to risk taking away from the food theme in the room, but you can add pops of color that coordinate.

Avoid colors that contrast too strongly with the food that you represent in the room, such as painting the room grassy green when you use pumpkin scents to represent food. A tropical scent would coordinate much better with this shade of green, or even the scent or shape of apples since either can easily be equated with a bright, vibrant green. Color contrasts work throughout the home, but contrasts of color and scent are not a good idea because they take away from the feeling of balance in the room.

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Best Accessories for Dining Room Feng Shui
The dining room is the space that sees a great deal of traffic in your home, often filled with people at least three times per day on an average day.
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