From Cubicle to Corner Office - Feng Shui Tips for Success

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If you are trapped in a small cubicle everyday at work, you know how limiting it can be.  Views of the outside are rare and feeling cramped and crowded is common.  In fact, cubicles, by their very nature, are limiting in energy flow.  This presents a big problem for those who want to get ahead in business, but who must first deal with the effects of a cubicle workspace.  The tips below can help increase your productivity and the energy flow in your space which can lead to more success and a more fulfilling career.

Know Your Zones
The first thing to do is to know the zones of your cubicle and address them individually.  It is important to nurture success and growth by not crowding those spaces on your desk.  In fact, many feng shui experts suggest that there by no more than nine items on your desk at any one time.  If you are in the sales business and need to make important and timely calls as part of your success, place the phone in the area of wealth on your desk.  A simple rearrangement can mean a much different feel about the work that needs to be done. 

What`s That?
Most cubicles come with the desks positioned in such a way that your back is forever to the entrance.  This is especially nerve-racking and can provide some very negative energy.  Place a mirror on the wall to give you a clear view of anyone approaching or entering the cubicle.  This will put your mind more at ease, as well as open up the proper flow of energy. 

What`s in a Color?
Color also plays an important part in your success.  In feng shui red and purple are especially powerful colors when it comes to wealth and success.  Purple attracts money and should be used around the means that you use to generate sales.  For instance, place a purple flower on your computer monitor if you use it to gather leads and make sales.  Red should be used to increase the flow of success and can be used to attract attention to your efforts.  It is important to use the colors in moderation, but also to make sure that you are using them in the correct locations.  Take the time to map out your cubicle space, especially your desk, to ensure that you have the most productive flow of energy.

Having framed pictures of your family, as well as, your dreams and goals is important.  In a cubicle it can be difficult to fit all of those aspects into the space, but by including them in moderation, they can lead the way to your success and that corner office that you have always dreamed of.  No matter how big or how small your workspace is, if you are trying to get ahead and be recognized for your achievements, take the time to employ the simple, yet effective feng shui ideas that can make a big impact on your life.

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From Cubicle to Corner Office - Feng Shui Tips for Success
If you are trapped in a small cubicle everyday at work, you know how limiting it can be. Views of the outside are rare and feeling cramped and crowded is common.
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