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The living room is the kernel of the home. Here numerous activities taking place-dining, relaxation, TV seeing, entertaining, guest reception, playing and studying, feng shui can play a major role in promoting a positive energy. The living room shouldn't be cluttered with furniture. The main thing to remember is that the room should have comfortable furniture this will provide you with permanent feelings of security and harmony

Here are some tips you can do in order to create a feng shui harmonized living room.

  1. 1

    - place comfortable furniture in proportion to your room. The furniture amount and size should be in proportion with the space.

    Feng shui in the living room

  2. 2

    - Chairs and sofa backs should not face the doorway. Seats should also be placed following a octagonal or circular shape

    Feng shui in the living room

  3. 3

    - the living rooms needs great lightening up through the use or combination of clear colors, plants, mirrors or light.

    Feng shui in the living room

  4. 4

    - the television should not have a central position in your feng shui living room. A fireplace would be an ideal element to have as room center

    Feng shui in the living room

  5. 5

    The feng shui living room's main table should be tidy and invite people to sit at it. Besides, this table symbolizes health and therefore it should be clean and neat. Placing natural flowers or plants on it would also be good for the health of the people who has in their Individual Feng Shui map the positive east and south-east sectors, to know about it you can from my e-book The Treasury Feng Shui secrets of Success and Riches.

    Feng shui in the living room

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    It is very important to follow the Individual Feng shui map, because you can only do much harm by placing the wrong subjects in wrong places, please get know about it in details from my e-books Create your Luck with personal Feng Shui" and " The Treasury Feng Shui secrets of Success and Riches".

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