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The dining room is a place where you take meal, spend time with your family and friends.This room should be a calm and peaceful place. Lighting is an important element in creating a good dining. The flow of energy through the dining room should be gentle but not stagnant.

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    · A mirror will help to improve the chi flow in the dining room. A mirror facing your table will double your food, the sign of riches and plenty: perhaps the center piece can be a full bowl of fresh, crystal, juicy fruits!


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    · Use round, oval, or octagonal shaped tables.


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    · Your dining room shouldn't be too close to the front door.


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    · Always try to eat facing one of your best directions- to know it check the book "Create your Luck with personal Feng Shui" It is also very important to choose a table that fits the size of your area to make sure there is enough room to walk around the table (equal space around the whole table works best).


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     A faceted crystal ball or crystal chandelier over the center of the dining table will help to balance chi in the room.


  6. 6 Always use soft lighting in the dining room
  7. Be careful of sharp angles form wall partitions or furniture pointing at you: soften them by hanging crystal balls or a plant in front of them.


It is very important to follow the Individual Feng shui map, because you can only do much harm by placing the wrong subjects in wrong places, please get know about it in greater details from my e-books "Create your Luck with personal Feng Shui" and The Treasury Feng Shui secrets of Success and Riches.

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Articles related to Feng shui dining room

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The dining room is the space that sees a great deal of traffic in your home, often filled with people at least three times per day on an average day.
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Dining table is a place where you and your family take meal, so definitely here you get energy. Food is an energy, that we get from the world and, of course, this energy should be positive.
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What about a mirror and a dining room? For the first, you should provide good lighting on your dining room. A well-lit dining room is best when it`s also spacious. Mirror reflects light and strengthens it...

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