3 Ways to Use Feng Shui to Create a Relaxing Child`s Room

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Feng shui principles are not only for adults` bedrooms.  They are perfect for creating a relaxing child`s bedroom.  Why might a relaxing space be so important for your child?  Because children feel stress too, and at the end of the day, or while studying quietly, you child needs a place where he feels safe, secure, and relaxed.  The three tips and tricks below can help you create the ideal space for Junior without breaking the bank.

Calming Colors
3 Ways to Use Feng Shui to Create a Relaxing Child`s Room

Instead of painting your child`s bedroom bright fire engine red, consider painting the walls a more calming color.  Pastels work especially well in the bedroom in feng shui designs, because they elicit a sense of calm and quiet.  This is ideal for a child`s bedroom not only when he is sleeping, but also when he is reading or studying for school.  If he insists on blue, select a light shade of blue to make the room more relaxing than electrifying.  If she insists on her favorite color - pink or purple -  pick a petal soft shade for the bedroom walls.  The main color in the room can make a huge difference in the energy and feel of the room, so choose the wall color wisely.

3 Ways to Use Feng Shui to Create a Relaxing Child`s Room

Bed Position
Even if you are limited to the areas where your child`s bed may be placed, there are some definite placements to avoid according to feng shui   The most important tip is never to place the bed directly across from the bedroom door or a mirror.  The open door and the reflection in the mirror can make for an uneasy night`s rest and a greater chance of your child being startled should he awaken in the middle of the night.  Instead, feng shui experts suggest placing the bed in a snug, secure corner where at least one side of the bed is flush with the wall.  This will make your child feel more cozy and safe throughout the night.

Desk Position
If you are like most parents, you have never really considered the placement of your child`s bedroom desk to be one that is critical to his success or the relaxing feel of the room.  Unfortunately, by overlooking this simple step, you can easily set your child up for distraction and an inability to focus.  One of the keys is to keep the desk away from the wall that adjoins the bathroom and would position the desk next to the toilet.  This sounds like an easy task, but since the bed can also not go along that wall, you may need to think carefully about furniture arrangement.

Once the color is calming, the bed is positioned in such a way that encourages sleep and relaxation, and the desk is away from negative energy flow, it will be easy to see the changes in your child`s behavior.  By creating a space that is calm, your child will reflect that in his actions and studies.  Take the time to rearrange your child`s room to ensure the success you so want him to have.

Alyssa Davis is the top writer and creative design specialist for Metal-Wall-Art.com. She specializes in designing with turtle wall sculptures and metal Western wall art.  

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3 Ways to Use Feng Shui to Create a Relaxing Child`s Room
Feng shui principles are not only for adults bedrooms. They are perfect for creating a relaxing child`s bedroom.
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